Azure Resources

We allow two types of Azure Credentials:

  • Azure Service Account - used to manage all of your virtual machines, scalesets, etc.
  • Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA) - Currently ONLY used to access Azure Reserved Instances for EA customers.  This cred is not used for any other function, and can be omitted.  See the EA link below for additional details and restrictions.

You will need to configure limited access for ParkMyCloud to an Azure subscription. To do this, you will need to obtain the following pieces of information to create the ParkMyCloud Azure credential:

  • Subscription ID
  • Tenant ID
  • Offer ID
  • App ID (Client ID)
  • App Access Key (Client Secret Key)

Unfortunately, most of this information is NOT easy to access using the Azure portal. So, we will need to use the command line.

We will outline four approaches to doing this, two are manual and two are automatic using scripts from our public Github repository.

As ParkMyCloud and Microsoft Azure add new features, you may be occasionally required to update the permissions needed for ParkMyCloud to access your cloud resources.  We have also provided two manual methods for updating an existing credential.

Choose the approach you with which you feel most comfortable:

Azure Pricing

ParkMyCloud uses Azure pricing to show the resource prices and to calculate savings for resources when they are turned off, resized, etc..  There are several different ways to purchase Azure services, and each has a different pricing system.  All three of these Azure purchase methods support all of the scheduling, rightsizing, and other features of ParkMyCloud, however the pricing and resulting savings calculations may be inaccurate unless you take some steps as described below.

Azure purchasing methods:

  1. Direct from Azure using a "normal" commercial account: You will need to enter the correct Azure Offer ID for your ParkMyCloud credential.  The various credential creation links above tell you where to find this.
  2. From a Cloud Service Provider (CSP): These are typically 3rd-party resellers of Azure services. Exact pricing is not currently supported, and the system will display the list prices we get for choice #1 above.  However, if you know your CSP has a fixed discount percentage (or markup percentage), you can use the Organization Settings screen to enter the discount/markup.  Navigate to the user icon in the upper right of our console, and select Organization Settings>Cloud Provider Discounts.  If you have a more variable "price sheet" or a list-price discount, please contact and we will determine if custom pricing could be supported.
  3. Enterprise Agreement (EA) Accounts – These accounts are similar to choice #1 above, but are typically used by large-volume purchasers of Microsoft services. ParkMyCloud should automatically recognize these types of accounts when the credential is accessed, and we will pull the correct pricing information for the correct Offer ID.  Note that you do not need to create an Azure EA credential for ParkMyCloud to pull correct pricing data.  As mentioned above, the EA Credential is only used to discover your Reserved Instances.