GCP Resources

You will need to configure access for ParkMyCloud to a Google Cloud Platform subscription. To do this, you will need to follow one of the procedures detailed below.

Choose the approach you with which you feel most comfortable:

If you are just updating an existing policy, you can easily update the policy in the GCP Console.

  1. Navigate to the correct project in the GCP Console, and go to the IAM & Admin section
  2. Go to the Roles screen
  3. Find the ParkMyCloud Limited Access Service Role
  4. Click the Role and then Edit, or select Edit from the context menu on the right, under the triple-dot icon.
  5. Select Add Permissions
  6. In the Add permissions pop-up, filter the permissions list by typing the beginning of the new permission in the box containing the text "Filter table" (Do not use the "Filter permissions by role box - this only selects from pre-created roles.)  For example, for our recent addition of support for GKE, type container.clusters and then press enter

  7. Select the new permissions desired.  For example:

  8. Click Add
  9. Back on the Edit Role screen, click Update
  10. To confirm the permissions update was effective, go to the credential in ParkMyCloud and click the Test button.  The Test screen should show that all permission tests were successful.