Rightsizing Management

Rightsizing is accessible for all Team Lead and Super Admin users in the Enterprise and Pro subscription tiers.

Rightsizing recommendations and On-Demand Rightsizing can be used to change the current Instance Type (i.e., Large, Medium, etc.) to a different Instance Type. Rightsizing ensures that you are only paying for the capacity you actually need.

  • On-Demand Rightsizing - A selected resource may be manually Rightsized through the Resource Details Screen by selecting a Standard or a Custom (GCP Only) instance type. With the exception of AWS RDS, this operation can only be executed when an instance is stopped.

  • Rightsizing Recommendations - Recommendations are provided based on configured Rightsizing Recommendation Settings for applicable discovered resources. These recommendations can be used to Rightsize (or Modernize) the instance.

Rightsizing recommendations are generated once per day. It can take up to 24 hours for new recommendations to show up.

We are only modifying the instance type and do not touch the underlying machine image or any disks/storage, so the process should not be unrecoverable. However, if you want to Rightsize an instance that would be difficult to rebuild, we recommend you create a snapshot/backup of the instance before attempting this process.