User Management

A user is anyone who requires access to ParkMyCloud. User permissions are defined by the role that has been assigned to them in ParkMyCloud. A user must have the following to be added:

All other information is optional. The role assigned to a user determines what they can access and do in ParkMyCloud. The team determines what resources they can see and manage within the Resources Screen. A user may belong to more than one team in ParkMyCloud. Users can also be imported and exported in ParkMyCloud.

After a user has been added to ParkMyCloud, they will receive an automated email for setting up their password. A password must be configured to access ParkMyCloud. For more information, please see New User Account Verification.

Users can only be managed by individuals who have been assigned the Super Admin and Team Lead roles. If you have been assigned the Team Lead role, you may only add and edit users for the teams you have been assigned to in ParkMyCloud.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To learn how to manage your users, please see the following pages: