Getting Started

ParkMyCloud provides a simple, straightforward approach to reducing your cloud costs. With it, you are able to gain visibility into current cloud resources and park non-production resources (or production in some cases) when idle to avoid incurring additional costs.

You can also configure a schedule of on/off times to ensure your instances, auto scaling groups, and logical groups are only running when they are needed. This prevents the need to manually park each resource during these times. On average, your AWS, Azure, Google Compute Platform, and/or Alibaba bill can be reduced by up to 60% just by parking idle resources.

This user guide shows you how to set up a free trial account and stop paying for idle resources. After you have experienced the savings ParkMyCloud can offer, you will be able to choose from many plans to ensure your needs are precisely met.

Please refer to the pages below to begin setting up your account and signing into ParkMyCloud:

Join the ParkMyCloud User Community 

Join the ParkMyCloud user community on Slack by visiting This is a place where you can connect with other ParkMyCloud users and staff to discuss using ParkMyCloud and cloud cost optimization in general.