Parking Recommendation Management

Recommendation settings are defined and managed per team in ParkMyCloud. When logged in as a Team Lead or Team Member, only the recommendations and settings for that team will be displayed.

Super Admins are able to view and manage these items for every team in ParkMyCloud. While a team member can view these settings, only a super admin or team lead can make changes to them.

Two types of parking recommendations are available

  • SmartParking Recommendations are provided based on collected instance utilization data (CloudWatch). When this data is present for a resource and meets the defined SmartParking recommendation settings, a recommendation will be available when viewing recommendations within ParkMyCloud. 

  • Keyword-based Recommendations are based on keywords added in ParkMyCloud by a Team Lead or Super Admin. Any resource matching these keywords will be displayed as a keyword-based recommendation. 

SmartParking Recommendations are currently only available for "Compute" resources belonging to supported cloud providers. Keyword-based recommendations are available for all supported cloud providers and resource types.

  • If a resource is assigned to a different team, both Rightsizing and SmartParking recommendations will be dismissed.
  • If a schedule is attached to the resource, all SmartParking recommendations will be dismissed.
  • SmartParking recommendations are generated once per day. It can take up to 24 hours for new recommendations to show up.
  • The Recommendation icon in the resource list will be displayed when at least one recommendation is available for the resource. It can be any one of SmarkParking, Keyword-based, or Rightsize recommendations and does not have to necessarily be a SmartParking recommendation.

Accessing Recommendations

Parking recommendations can be viewed and managed by clicking on the Scheduling option within the left navigational menu. 

From the Scheduling screen, it is possible to view and manage both SmartParking and keyword-based recommendations for a team or all teams (Super Admins) by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Additionally, each type of recommendation can be viewed for resources and schedules may be applied or ignored accordingly.

Accessing Utilization Data

The Bar Graph Icon will be displayed as shown below in the Resources Screen when utilization data is present for a resource. It will appear grayed out when data is not available, the account is a free trial, or when the resource is not a "Compute" resource. Click on this icon to view instance utilization data.

The following pages can be used to learn more about managing parking recommendations in ParkMyCloud: