User Audit Log

The User Audit Log may be used by Super Admins to audit user actions in ParkMyCloud. To view this feature, first click on Reports within the left navigational menu and then click on Audit Log

User audit log information will appear on the right hand side of the screen and appear similar to what is shown below. Each user action will have the following information: 

  • Time - Time the action occurred.
  • Username - Username of the user who performed the action.
  • User Description - First and last name of the user.
  • Code - Action taken in the platform.
  • Message - Detailed information about the performed action.

For example, the second line of the current log information shows that a user named Sally Jane started the resource test-server-1 on 2-22-1017. 

To learn more about this feature , please see the following sections: 

Viewing Audit Log Information

In the far right corner, you will see several options for changing what is displayed in the audit log as well as buttons for paging through the displayed actions. User actions may be displayed between any two dates, up to 3 months back.

By default, the currently displayed items are for the previous month. To page through them, click on the the arrows below the search field. A single arrow can be used to go back or forward one page and the double arrows display the first and last pages. 

You may also change the number of results (user actions) shown per page. The default number of results per page is 15. To change this value, click on the entry field and then type a different number to display. 

The time display defaults to UTC, but may be changed to your local timezone by clicking on the menu next to the time header and choosing Local.

Changing Filter Criteria (Date and Keyword)

To change the date range for the displayed user actions, you will need to select dates in the From and To fields at the top right of the screen. Click on either the entry field or the calendar icon to select a date from the calendar.

Use the icons to the left and right of the current month name to change months and then click on a day to set the date for the chosen month. 

If you want to view all user actions for the chosen date range, use your Enter Key or click on the Magnifying Glass to the right of these options to refresh the displayed results.

To view user actions containing a specific keyword over the selected date range, click on the field to the right of "containing". Enter the desired keyword(s) and then use your Enter Key or click on the Magnifying Glass to refresh the displayed results.

The updated list of user actions will appear as shown below: 

Downloading a CSV File

After the appropriate filtered results are showing in the audit log, you can export them as a CSV file by clicking on the CSV Button located in the top right of the screen.

The downloaded file may be opened from your Browser Window or the Downloads Folder on your computer. It will appear similar to what is shown below: