Team Management

A Team is a group of users who have access to the same information including discovered resources (instances, auto scaling groups, logical groups, and RDS databases) in ParkMyCloud for assigned credentials.

One team must be present in the application and configured as the Default Team for the credentials used during account creation. You can add as many teams as needed to ParkMyCloud and they may be assigned as default teams for specific credential sets or have no credentials at all, depending on their purpose.

Teams can only be managed by users who have the Super Admin Role. If you are a Team Lead, you are able to add and remove users for a team, but will not be able to alter it's name, create new teams, or remove teams within ParkMyCloud.

Default Team and Credentials

During initial account setup, a default team (my first team) is created. The default team can be used to add one or more credentials as part of the initial account setup and discovery process. 

You can use this team as the default team for all credential sets and add users or set up more than one team. Each team can be assigned as the default team for one or more sets of credential within ParkMyCloud. A team can be associated with the following:

  • A Single Set of Credentials
  • Multiple Sets of Credentials
  • No Credentials At All
  • One or Multiple Users

When more than one team exists, you can assign each team as the default team for one or more credential sets and add users to the appropriate teams. This provides a little more control over who is accessing the resources for each credential set. Additionally, each team can have schedule override enabled or disabled for increased control over resource overrides in ParkMyCloud.

More than one credential set can have the same default team. However, individual credentials can only be associated with one team.

A resource can only belong to one team at a time.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The following sections have been provided to assist with team management in ParkMyCloud: