Discovery and Soft Parking Azure SQL Databases 

ParkMyCloud supports the discovery and “soft parking” of Azure SQL databases, with vCore and DTU pricing models. Azure does not allow stopping or suspending Azure SQL databases outright, so ParkMyCloud has added a new mechanism that enables you to choose a minimum available configuration for the respective databases to significantly reduce spend. 



Azure SQL Databases are listed in the main resources page, and are visible in the Databases quick filter. They are displayed as parkable workloads, and are subject to the same parking scheduling technology that we provide for other resource types.   



Soft Parking 

The database details screen now includes a “Spend Optimizer” tab. There are two sections providing insight into the current soft parking configuration, and other possible configurations. 

Database Spend Optimizer 

This shows the running state and the parked state configuration of your Azure SQL database. The “running state” is the current configuration of your database resource and the “parked state” is the selected economy setting for when this resource is parked.” Note that these items are still running but minimized to maximize savings. 


Displayed Data 

  • State (when running or parked) 

  • vCores or DTUs (depending on the Azure pricing model of the respective database) 

  • Current Used Storage – this is dependent on ParkMyCloud having metric access 

  • Max Storage (current tier max supported storage limit) 

  • Family Name, as is displayed in the Azure console 

  • Cost (per month)  

  • Maximum Estimated Savings per month. This is applicable to the parked state only 


Desired Economy Setting 
This table includes the lowest available compute and storage configuration options for your Azure SQL database within the same product family. Note that when used storage amount is not available, all configuration options will retain the current allocated storage amount. Choose the desired configuration to apply to your Azure SQL database when parking this resource. 


Displayed Data 

  • vCores or DTUs allocated 

  • Economy storage provisioned 

  1. If metrics are not available for the given resource, we will not recommend configurations with less available storage 

  1. For DTU pricing tier databases we provide a recommendation to reduce the storage amount only when storage is not free. If storage amount is within the included free storage range, we do not make any storage reduction recommendations  


  • Family Name, as indicated by the Azure console 

  • Max Savings per month (compared to the running state configuration) 


vCores Spend Optimizer Tab 


DTUs Spend Optimizer Tab 




  • Absent any configuration selection, ParkMyCloud will still attempt to modify your database(s) when parked to provide cost savings to you. The default soft parking configuration is as follows: 

  1. Maintain the defined maximum storage amount 

  1. Minimize the compute (vCores or DTUs)   

  • If the resource is modified outside of ParkMyCloud, the soft parking configuration will revert to the default soft parking configuration.