Cloud Credential Management

Cloud provider credentials are used to discover AWS, Azure, Google Compute Platform, and/or Alibaba Cloud resources for display and management in ParkMyCloud. You may add more than one set of credentials to ParkMyCloud. Credentials may also be added for one or multiple cloud providers. The number of cloud credentials you may add and manage within ParkMyCloud is determined by your current subscription plan.

Each cloud credential may be assigned a default team. Your subscription plan, credentials, and default team information determines what resources are discovered and who can see them in ParkMyCloud. Credentials can be added to ParkMyCloud as needed and assigned a default team. A team can be the default for more than one set of credentials.

Credentials can only be managed by users who have been assigned the Super Admin or Team Lead role.

Subscription Plans

If you are on the free trial period, you will be able to enter credentials for all three providers for up to 14-days and then will be switched to the free plan after the trial has ended. The free plan only supports credential entry for one provider and one credential set.

To add multiple credentials for a single provider, you will need to be signed up for the Basic Plan. The Standard or Enterprise Plans are necessary to add credentials for multiple cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, and Google) after the free-trial period has expired. For more information about these plans, please see Available Subscription Plans.

Preliminary Steps

A few steps are required before AWS, Azure, Google Compute Platform, or Alibaba Cloud credentials may be added to ParkMyCloud. These steps ensure that ParkMyCloud is able to discover the resources for a credential set and manage them accordingly. They will vary depending on the provider and more information can be found on these pages: 

Cloud Provider Specific Resources

A Simple Example

For this example, let's say you have two sets of AWS credentials and six users. Four users need access to credential A and two users need access to credential B. Here is what you can do:

  1. Set up two separate teams in ParkMyCloud and add users accordingly.
  2. Add each credential set and assign the appropriate team as the default team. 

When the credentials are added, they will be used to discover your resources. Only users who are assigned to the team will be able to see the resources within the Resources Screen for the credential set their team belongs to. Each user's role will determine what actions they can perform for the discovered resources when logged into ParkMyCloud. 

A Resource is anything you are able to manage in ParkMyCloud. This includes single instances, RDS databases, AWS auto scaling groups, Azure Scalesets, and logical groups.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The following sections have been provided to assist with credential management in ParkMyCloud: