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NOTE: If you see any odd behavior or anything missing after a release, you should try a force refresh of your browser after logging-in to the console and/or on any screens that appear to be having issues.  On Windows, this is typically done with Ctrl-F5, and on the Mac: CMD+SHIFT+R. 

Version 8.27.0 - Released 2021-12-01

New/changed features

  • Free Tier End of Life - Free tier and trial users are presented with an alert that the Free Tier will be discontinued on 2022-02-01.


  • Fargate service with common names are no longer consolidated
  • AWS EC2 Mac metal instances no longer show incompatible resize targets
  • Quarterly usage reports no longer include the first day of the the most recent month

Version 8.25.0, 8.26.0 - Released 2021-11-17


  • AWS ECS Fargate - ParkMyCloud now supports the discovery, and suspension of AWS ECS Fargate services, as described here /wiki/spaces/PMCUG/pages/2650308610 in the User Guide. This works in addition to the discovery, and suspension of the AWS ECS EC2 launch type. Fargate services will be displayed on the top level resources page, as well as in the containers tab, and will not require you to update your permissions. 
  • Webhook Headers - ParkMyCloud now supports the addition of up to 5 header key value pairs to your configured webhooks.


  • Azure SQL Database Soft Parking - ParkMyCloud now provides the ability to "soft park" Azure SQL databases that are in the vCores and DTU pricing models. These databases are not stoppable in Azure, so we provide functionality to throttle them to a more cost efficient state using the same ParkMyCloud scheduling that you leverage for your other workload types. Please see the feature documentation at Discovery and Soft Parking Azure SQL Databases. /wiki/spaces/PMCUG/pages/1800667141
  • Azure Synapse Analytics Parking - ParkMyCloud now provides the ability to park Azure Synapse Analytics (Data Warehouse) databases, using the same ParkMyCloud scheduling that you leverage for your other workload types. This pauses the workload in Azure, resulting in great cost savings.